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High Temperature Resistant Ceramic Lining Steel Spool

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High Temperature Resistant Ceramic Lining Steel Spool

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Brand Name : SUNNY STEEL

Model Number : ceramic tile lined

Certification : ISO

Place of Origin : China

MOQ : 10 pcs

Price : Ceamic lined

Payment Terms : T/T

Supply Ability : 100000000 pcs/day

Delivery Time : 30 days

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AL2O3 wear and corrosion resistant seamless steel pipe consist of three parts (steel pipe + adhesive + ceramic tiles), the steel pipe is made of seamless carbon steel pipe. Abrasion resistant ceramic tile lined steel pipes are applicable for the pneumatic powder-feeding, and can be used under a temperature of 350℃without aging and peeling for long life. The service life is 4-5 times than the normal abrasion-resistant pipes.

Abrasion resistant ceramic lined pipe, Abrasion Resistant Lined Pipe and Elbow, Wear Resistant Alumina Ceramic Cone

The features of Weldable ceramic tile lined pipe are as follows:

  • good abrasion resistance, ceramic composite wear-resistant tube layer for corundum ceramic, mohs hardness above 9.0, equivalent to more than HRC90, so on electric power, coal, metallurgy, mining transporting medium has high wear resistance;
  • ceramic composite wear-resistant pipe can in – 50 -900 ℃ temperature range of the normal operation for a long time, data linear expansion coefficient (6 – 8) * 10-6 / ℃;
  • loss of running resistance;
  • low project cost;
  • installation construction profit.

Weldable ceramic tile lined pipe is usually used for high temperature and high abration material transport system.


Ceramic tile lined pipe is our company to absorb similar products at home and abroad on the basis of advanced technology developed a shell for the steel body, within the wear-resistant ceramic tube of the new composite pipe products, with high wear resistance long service life And so on

The use of anti-off porcelain tube, porcelain tube mosaic, so that paste more flat, more solid with a strong inorganic adhesive paste, wear-resistant steel bowl welding, porcelain and steel body combined to form a double reinforcement to ensure that the porcelain tube does not fall off. The installation of flexible, high wear resistance, processing convenience, the cost is moderate.

High hardness
Rockwell hardness of high alumina ceramics is up to HRA80-90 which is second only to diamond and far exceeds wear-resistant steel stainless

Excellent wear resistance
The wear resistance of high alumina ceramics is 266 times that of manganese steel and 171.5 times that of high chromium cast iron. According to our investigation & follow-up to the clients, the service life of equipment can be prolonged over 10 times under the same working conditions.

Corrosion resistance
High alumina ceramics are inorganic oxides with extremely stable molecular structure and no electrochemical corrosion, thus they can resist erosion of acid, alkali, salt solutions and organic Solvents.

Working temperature of high alumina ceramics can be as high as 1400℃.

Good self-lubricity
High alumina ceramics have the properties of self-lubricity and in adhesion, the roughness is only 1/6 that of steel pipes thus less flow Resistance.

Light weight
The density of high alumina ceramics is about 3.6g/cm3, which is only half that of steel, thus easy for construction and installation.

Technology and structure of ceramic tile lined pipe

Ceramic tile lined pipe is composed of three layers: outer steel pipe layer, corundum layer, and ceramic glue layer. The inner ceramic layer is white from the surface. The ceramic is generally 95% ceramic, and the temperature is generally below 200°C.

At present, the common ceramic sheets lined with ceramic composite pipes are: ceramic block, dovetail mutual pressure, welding type, mosaic, card slot and so on. It has the characteristics of wear resistance and long service life.


  • Large hardness
    Rockwell hardness HRV 80-90
  • High wear resistance
    Wear resistance is equivalent to 20-30 times of high manganese steel.
  • Light weight
    Its density is 3.9g/cm³, which is only half that of steel, which can greatly reduce the equipment load
  • Imported glue
    Magbao imported glue, bonding strength: 10Mpa, working temperature: -60℃ to +250℃, welding type, wear resistance up to 800℃.


  • Pipe diameter: ≥DN100
  • Steel pipe thickness: ≥4mm
  • Steel pipe material: Q235 or stainless steel
  • Ceramic thickness: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, etc.
  • Connection method: flange, welding, casing, V-connector
  • Working pressure: ≤1.0 MPa (other pressures need to be communicated with customer service)

Ceramic tile technical indicators

  • Ceramic marking: 92-95
  • Bulk density: 3.9g/cm³
  • Tensile strength: 1030MPa
  • Flexural strength: 212MPa
  • Hardness HRV: 80-90

Basic principles

Bimetallic composite steel pipe basic principles: outside the tube is responsible for the pressure and the role of rigid support pipe, liner bear the role of corrosion resistance.

  • The outer tube can be used according to the flow and pressure requirements of the conveying medium, choose the carbon steel pipe with different diameter and wall thickness, hot-dip galvanized steel pipe, straight seam welded pipe, spiral pipe, low pressure medium pipe, high pressure boiler, Oil cracking with seamless pipe, pipe and so on. Diameter from φ20-φ1020mm, wall thickness from 2.5-50mm.

    Can be austenitic stainless steel 304,304 L, 316,316 L, copper-based alloy, nickel-based alloy, Hastelloy, titanium, titanium alloy, duplex stainless steel and other new high corrosion resistance alloy material. The lining wall thickness can be based on service life and welding process requirements from 0.3-4mm.

    Will be assembled inside and outside the tube placed in the sink, the cluster of explosives placed in the lining liner axis, through the explosive instantaneous production of explosive force, causing the water pressure within the tank increased instantaneously, instantaneous increase in water pressure, Tube in the direction of outward expansion, outward expansion of the liner under the action of water pressure, the expansion of the outer surface of the outer tube, and under the action of water pressure, with the external tube continued to expand until the pressure disappeared ; And the outer tube in the axial direction inward contraction, the final composite forming.

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